Maniera District, 2016
Maniera District, Oct. 2016
Art article in Maniera District magazine in October, 2016 issue.

Linked In, Sept. 2016
Linked In, Sept. 2016
"Vian Shamounki Borchert prepares to serve Washingtonian art enthusiasts a lesson in cosmopolitan interpretation. A professor, a mother, and extensive traveler, Vian possesses a unique and valuable talent for writing poetry through expressionist art...."
Read more at Linked In article, September 2016.

Aesthetica Magazine
Aesthetica Magazine, June. 2016
Aesthetica Magazine, June 2016 issue.
Miami Art Scene, 2016
Miami Art Scene, 2016
"Thoughtful figure paintings with true expression by international artist Vian Borchert. ...."
Featured in Miami Art Scene, Summer 2016
Aesthetica Magazine
Aesthetica Magazine, Apr. 2016
Aesthetica Magazine, April 2016 issue.
WAAVE+DADA, April 2016
WAAVE+DADA publication, April 2016
HERLIFE Magazine
HERLIFE Magazine, Seen And To Be Seen
Featured in HERLIFE Magazine, November 2015 issue.
The Town Courier, November 2013
The Town Courier, November 2013
"Vian Borchert’s Expressionist Art Reveals the World Within...."
Featured in The Town Courier, November 2013
Art Nerd New York, Nov. 2013
Art Nerd, New York, 2013
Featured in Art Nerd, New York, November 2013