Vian Shamounki BorchertI am an expressionist artist, I consider all my work to be visual poems.
Art for me is a universal language by which all comprehend. I aim to connect with people through my visual world and through my vision aspiring for the world to come together through the arts. Moreover, nature plays a huge part in my artistic journey. I am an avid nature observer where contemplating upon nature helps me reach inner peace and attain moments of Zen.

My artwork albeit abstract in nature offers symbolism referencing the status of a mysterious future. To add, my art showcases a sense of identity of who I am as an artist: my hopes and dreams. Furthermore, my works intend to evoke the feelings of rejuvenation achieved through the love for nature and its endless bounty that it bestows upon humanity. Hence, nature is not only a place for me to meditate upon, but it also energizes and empowers me to give back to the world through my creative vision, talent and aesthetics. Consequently, my art becomes a reflection of my life’s journey along with connecting the past to the present while approaching the future with a sense of wonder to what it holds.