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Art Reveal Magazine
Art Reveal Magazine based in Munich, Germany interview / article with noted international artist Vian Borchert.
Art enriches our contemporary culture by offering refuge, preservation and reflection on the current contemporary events that our global village faces in its present time.
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VIE Magazine
VIE Magazine's Luxury and Lifestyle features Vian Borchert's Artwork in their "Art + Culture" issue.
Influenced by the feelings of being out at sea, this abstract painting by Vian Borchert gives us the blues in the very best way.
Read more at VIE Magazine, 2021
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"HappenArt" Art & Culture platform's Interview and special feature of artist Vian Borchert.
For me art is a personal experience not only to the creator but to the viewer as well. Good art and effective paintings do not need the artist to be next to it to defend or describe it to the viewer.
Read more at HappenArt, 02/02/2021
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ARTiST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE features artist "Vian Borchert" in their January 2021 issue.
For the noted artist nature is very essential, and plays an important role in her life. Thus, V. Borchert is a nature lover – mother nature is her sanctuary and her ultimate solace...
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300 Magazine
"300 Magazine" News & Reviews, Luxury Lifestyle & Trend reviews the art of artist Vian Borchert in their article "Visual Poetry by the Abstract Expressionist Artist Vian Borchert". "300 Magazine" based in Manhattan's West side, NYC covers from modern and contemporary art to the latest luxury trends, providing previews and reviews of exhibitions worldwide, expert tips on collecting and buying objects of value, relevant information on the market, stories about the world’s most talented artists and celebrities, and all aspects of luxury news that are worth reading about.
Metaphoric and sensible in nature, this painting is a tribute to people’s perception of senses that have been altered due to the current unsettling situation in the world.
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FINE ART Shippers
Midtown Manhattan's Fine Art Shippers in NYC article titled "VIAN BORCHERT – AN EXPRESSIONIST ARTIST CREATING VISUAL POEMS" about artist Vian Borchert.
“Revolutionary Waves” is literally very hands-on. It is a perfect experimental mix of painting and sculptural work, which is additionally very symbolic, reminding us of the times we live in.
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Al-Tiba9 Interview
Al-Tiba9 Contemporary art and international magazine interview with artist Vian Borchert. The comprehensive in depth interview covers 11 questions, images and videos.
My artwork albeit abstract in nature offers symbolism referencing the status of a mysterious future and how life is such a precious commodity.
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Vian Borchert's painting titled "Clouds' Reflection" is featured in ARTiST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE 10 Year Anniversary Issue Volume 4 on page 28.
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bluebee magazine
Vian Borchert's painting titled "Highway" is featured in bluebee magazine's latest issue / volume 5. See insightful description of Vian's art via the magazine.
Vian treats her art like poetry and pursues an expressionist spin to an otherwise representational take on landscape.
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The Washington Post
Vian Borchert's Solo exhibition "Reflection" reviewed by Mark Jenkins in "The Washington Post".
While the paintings are essentially abstract, their color scheme and most of their titles evoke the sea.
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Metro Weekly
"Metro Weekly Magazine" coverage of Vian Borchert's Solo exhibition "Reflection" by Doug Rule.
Expressionist Vian Borchert considers her paintings to be visual poems, ... created during the pandemic and reflecting on a new reality and a new normal.
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Arlington Magazine
Vian Borchert's Solo Art Exhibit "Reflection" in the September issue of "Arlington Magazine".
many of her latest paintings for this show were produced during quarantine and Coronavirus times, as she reflects on our new reality and our new normal.
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Washington City Paper
In "Washington City Paper" vivid descriptive words depicting Vian Borchert's art "Blue Waves".
Vian Borchert’s abstract “BlueWaves” evokes some wide expanse and fascinating unknown in oceanic, cerulean hues.
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What to See in Arlington
Vian Borchert's Solo Exhibit "Reflection" listed by Arlington County Government to
What to See in September in Arlington
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National Landing
National Landing writes about Vian Borcherts Solo Exhibit "Reflection".
many of her latest paintings for this show were produced during quarantine and Coronavirus times, as she reflects on our new reality and our new normal.
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ARLnow promoted Vian Borchert's art exhibit "Reflection" at the Gallery Underground's Focus Gallery
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CultureCapital, a program of HummanitiesDC features "Reflections", an art exhibition at the Gallery Undergrounds's Focus Gallery showing Vian Borchert's latest paintings.
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Humana Obscura
Vian Borchert's artwork is featured in "Humana Obscura" literary magazine issue Fall/Winter 2020
The magazine is available via Amazon
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Northern Virginia Magazine
Vian Borchert's Solo Exhibition in "Northern Virginia Magazine".
In some paintings, viewers will see a yearning for future adventures that Borchert aspires to explore, as well as contemplative pieces inspired by nature, inner peace and finding Zen in trying times.
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Dart International Magazine
D'art International Magazine review of "When Night Falls" at Lichtundfire gallery in NYC - Review by Siba Kumar Das
The bold gestural strokes barely contained within Vian Borchert’s paintings dramatically seize upon that instant when the day’s blue skies fall to the coming night.
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ART PLUGGED published a review by Siba Das titled “When Night Falls” Making Embodied Cognition Sublime".
Vian Borchert suggest worlds beyond themselves, creating as well a feeling of fathomless depth. The resulting psychological and spiritual resonance is akin to an imaginative experience that is at once expansive, boundless and oceanic.
Read more at Art PLugged, July 2020
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Listing of "When Night Falls" exhibition in Lichtundfire, NYC
Exhibition featuring 10 artists, ... exploring what transpires from dusk to dawn of impending awe and wonder of the night that impacts artists forever to seek it out.
Read more at ARTFORUM, 07/2020
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"Art Daily" the First Art Newspaper on the Net lists "When Night Falls" exhibition in Lichtundfire, NYC, NY.
The bold gestural strokes barely contained within Vian Borchert’s paintings dramatically seize upon that instant when the day’s blue skies fall to the coming night.
Read more at artdaily, 07/2020
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Featured Artist
Vian Borchert is the featured artist in "Artist Portfolio Magazine" on June 29, 2020
Vian’s art has been on exhibit in prestigious places such as the United Nations General Assembly’s Public Lobby Gallery, NYC, in “Art Basel Miami Beach”at Spectrum Miami, and the LA Art Show
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Artist Spotlight by iCanvas
5 Questions With Vian Borchert - An interview in "Artist Spotlight" by iCanvas spotlights the artist's interests and inspiration along showing the artist's collection via iCanvas.
Described by the artist as “visual poems,” Borchert’s work offers eye-catching abstract forms that can stir an art lover’s intuition.
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Happen Art
Vian's Artwork is featured in Happen Art, a New York based Arts & Culture Platform.
Read more at Happen Art, 03-2020
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Exhibition Opening
"Exhibition Opening" features "A Changing Landscape - Female I", an exhibition by Van Der Plas Gallery in New York City, showing artwork by Vian Borchert.
Vian’s art has been exhibited in prestigious places such as the gallery of the public hall of the United Nations General Assembly, in New York, in “Art Basel Miami Beach” at the Spectrum Miami.
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Elan Magazine
Elan Magazine posted the article "Everyday Epiphanies - Making Art that Surprises" by Pamela Leigh about artist Vian Borchert.
Vian attended the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C. (now part of George Washington University). One of her professors at the Corcoran, the late Tom Green, reviewed her portfolio and gave her a scholarship.
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Art Week
Vian Borchert's artwork featured in "Art Week" for the "Abstract Gravity" exhibition in Lichtundfire, NYC, New York.
Vian Borchert's expressive paintings with strong colors and vigorous application of paint are descriptive "visual poems" - her distinct choice of color resonates, both gently and strongly, personal affinity, feelings and mood.
Read more at Art Week, 02/02/2020
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ART11 Magazine's review by Johnathan Goodman of "Remember When It Winter Was" at Lichtundifre, NYC.
Pink Horizon (2019) by Vian Borchert is much more clearly a landscape. On the left side, we see a glass blue and white diagonal area, separated from a white blue strip by a black stripe. On the upper half of the diagonal, there is a series of roughly painted blue and whites, which leads upward, to a dark gray and pink horizon painted on a horizontal bar. This is a composition that leans in the direction of abstraction, but the sense of a place is very much clear. The colors do lend themselves to the feeling that we are in the midst of a winter wonderland, but the painting’s raw manner and its inchoate forms emphasizes the act of painting as much as it does an actual place.
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Art Week
"Remember When It Winter Was" featured in Art Week in Winter 2020. Exhibition at Lichtundfire, NYC, NY.
The exhibition's title also connotes a potential dystopia, as a result of climate change, evoking the unsettling feeling that nothing will remain the same, and that soon we will nostalgically reflect upon the time when winter was still a substantial and lived experience in our lives.
Read more at Art Week, 01/2020
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Potomac Almanac
Potomac Almanac newspaper features artist Vian Borchert's solo exhibition "The New Wave".
The exhibit consists of 20 paintings of her latest modern work ranging in all sizes. This new collection is derived from her love of nature.
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Artillery Magazine
Listing in the "Artillery Magazine" for the exhibition "Where Color Lightly Treads" at Lichtundfire, NYC.
Vian Borchert’s expressionist paintings, descriptive “visual poems” with a distinct choice of color, resonate, both gently and strongly, her personal affinity, feelings and mood.
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ArtRabbit posted an article in July 2019 about the group exhibit "Where Color Lightly Treads" at LICHTUNDFIRE in lower Manhattan, New York City.
Vian Borchert's expressionist paintings, descriptive "visual poems" with a distinct choice of color, resonate, both gently and strongly, her personal affinity, feelings and mood.
Image of Book
Vian Shamounki Borchert was featured in the Book titled
Empowering Women through Painting
that was published during Women's month in March 2019 along with talented female artists.

The book can be purchased via Amazon: ASIN# B07Q5NWBY7
Image of Notable Mention
GW Corgoran School of Arts
Vian Borchert is listed as Corcoran GW Notable Alumni under the section 1990s-2000s.
Also see Vian's latest Alumni Notes...
Image of the Alumni Notes
Alumni Notes
See the listing at GW Corcoran School of Arts
Promotion by iCanvas
iCanvas - 5 Woman Artists
To commemorate International Women's Day, iCanvas supports The National Museum of Women in the Arts with their #5WomenArtists campaign.
iCanvas is proud to support this campaign with a feature of talented female artists. Vian Borchert is featured amongst the women artists
Read more at iCanvas, March 2019
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New York City Patch
The Abstract Art Movement of Artist Vian Borchert
Acclaimed abstract artist Vian Borchert illustrates her journey through abstraction, and the world wide art movement her art has done.
Read more at NYC Patch, 10-07-2018
Image about MSN news
MSN News
MSN News posted about Vian Borchert's art exhibition at the Laguna Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA
Art Exhibition at the elegant Laguna Art Gallery
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Potomac Almanac Newspaper
The Potomac Almanac Newspaper posted Vian's art show "Abstract & The Figure" in their September issue.
Vian Borchert's collection consists of a melange of recent abstract paintings along with figurative artwork
Image of Culture Spot Article
Culture Spot MC
Culture Spot MC lists "Abstract & The Figure by Vian Borchert" in their September 2018 issue:
Artist Vian Borchert’s solo art exhibition is on view at the Framer’s Choice Gallery in Kentlands,
Read more at Culture Spot MC
Image of Painting
In Permanent Collection of JNGFA
Al Arabi TV London interviewed artist Vian Borchert after her art talk titled "A Journey Through The Art", which was part of the "International Festival" at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman Jordan
Image of Vian Interviewed
Interviewed by Al Arabi TV
See the interview at Al Arabi TV, July 2018. Forward to minute 38:00.
Article in Culture Spot MC
Culture Sport MC
Culture Spot MC published the article "In Her Element" in their March 2018 issue:
Borchert’s work has evolved. “I’ve gone through many phases,” she said. “My work primarily was mainly done in oil, and in the figurative and abstract style.” Now she works in acrylic, which she prefers “due to its versatility, and the fact that it is a water-soluble medium.” While her earlier work was “categorized in the expressionist figurative genre,” in 2015, she “decided to focus and do works from my environment and the nature that surrounds me.”
The Town Courier, March 2, 2018
The Town Courier
The Town Courier published the article In Her Element: Artist Vian Borchert Draws From Nature, Imagination in its March 2018 issue:
Exhibiting her work is a source of great pride. “I love it when I see people gather in front of my artwork talking, analyzing and discussing the ins and outs, the lines and shapes of the piece,” Borchert said. “Sometimes I see people walking, then stopping, then coming close to the artwork, then going away, then coming back standing quietly looking carefully at the work. When I observe such behavior, I know the paintings have managed to do their work: capture the audience in an intellectual and thought-provoking way.”
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East City Art
"East City Art", Washington DC features in March 2018 Exhibitions, instructor and artist Vian Borchert's watercolor abstract for the exhibition "Influences: New Work by Glen Echo Park Faculty & Students" at the Popcorn Gallery, Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, MD.
Read more at East City Art, 03/2018
Press Article
The Georgetowner
The Georgetowner posted the article Influences: New Work by Glen Echo Park Faculty and Students. This exhibition showcases recent work by Glen Echo Park resident visual artists and faculty members, paired with work by selected students.
This article features one of Vian's latest abstract watercolor paintings.
Magazine Image
Bethesda Magazine
Bethesda Magazine posted the article Influences: New Work by Glen Echo Park Faculty and Students. This article features one of Vian's latest abstract watercolor paintings.
CultureCapital and Humanities DC
CultureCapital & Humanities DC
CultureCapital & Humanities DC posted the article Influences: New Work by Glen Echo Park Faculty and Students.
This article features one of Vian's latest abstract watercolor paintings.
CultureCapital, February, 2018
Miami Art Scene
Miami Art Scene
Miami‘s No. 1 art & culture blog features Vian Borchert in their "Artist Spotlight", and feature her modern paintings that will be on exhibit during Art Basel Miami Beach 2017 at "SPECTRUM" with Irreversible Projects, Booth 307 from Dec. 6 – 10, 2017
Image of Artist and Moderator
NBC4 Washington with Molette Green
NBC4 Washington's broadcast journalist Molette Green was at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn on Oct. 25, 2017 where she and her NBC crew had coverage about the arts and "Celebrating 15th Art Exhibition". In this segment, Molette Green talks with artist & painter Vian Borchert about her exhibited painting "The Woods" and about Borchert's art classes and teaching at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn.
DCW50 TV, 2017
DCW50 TV, 2017
Featured by DCW50 TV on March 8, 2017 for coverage of "Woman in the Arts" exhibition.  
Al Rai, May 2017
Al Rai, May 2017
Artwork featured in the Jordanian news paper "Al Rai" on May 8, 2017.
Aesthetica Magazine
Aesthetica Magazine, December. 2016
Aesthetica Magazine, December 2016 issue.
Maniera District, 2016
Maniera District, Oct. 2016
Art article in Maniera District magazine in October, 2016 issue.
One of my personal favorite paintings is “The Ideal Nose” ... I think most people who see this painting fall in love with it. I feel that there is a certain magnetic mystery to her beauty. I did this painting many years ago around the time when I was working at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C and I actually had it on display in an area for the National Gallery of Art Staff where a lot of staff members / employees saw it and wanted to purchase it. Yet, I felt that it was a painting that I have to hold onto, and keep in my private collection.
Linked In, Sept. 2016
Linked In, Sept. 2016
Vian Borchert prepares to serve Washingtonian art enthusiasts a lesson in cosmopolitan interpretation. A professor, a mother, and extensive traveler, Vian possesses a unique and valuable talent for writing poetry through expressionist art

Read more at Linked In article, September 2016.
Aesthetica Magazine
Aesthetica Magazine, June. 2016
Aesthetica Magazine, June 2016 issue.
Miami Art Scene, 2016
Miami Art Scene, 2016
The Miami Art Scene features Bian Borchert in an article titled Thoughtful figure paintings with true expression by international artist Vian Borchert.
Her expressionistic and abstract style illustrates a poetic mood and a thoughtful journey in the world of painting.
Featured in Miami Art Scene, Summer 2016
Aesthetica Magazine
Aesthetica Magazine, Apr. 2016
Aesthetica Magazine, April 2016 issue.
WAAVE+DADA, April 2016
WAAVE+DADA publication lists Vian Borchert in their April 2016 post.
With an Enthralling quality akin to visual poems of love, of hope, and of melancholy - Vian Borchert is an expressionist artist to know.
HERLIFE Magazine
HERLIFE Magazine, Seen And To Be Seen
HERLIFE Magazine featured Vian in their article Seen And To Be Seen in their November 2015 issue.
a masterful fine art installation spotlighting expressionist artist Vian Borchert
Article in The Town Courier
The Town Courier, November 2013
The Town Courier published an article Vian Borchert's Expressionist Art Reveals the World Within in their November 2013 edition.
Lines are gestural and you can feel the artist’s application of paint to the canvas. The figure engages you in a conversation that you can, perhaps, almost hear. What she is talking about and feeling intrigues and breaks through the two-dimensions of canvas.
Art Nerd New York, Nov. 2013
Art Nerd, New York, November 2013
Art Nerd NY Blog featured Vian Borcherts solo exhibit.
Other exhibits we visited included …. solo exhibits at the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton, one featuring Vian Borchert
Art Nerd NY Blog can be found at Art Nerd, New York, November 2013
The Gazette
The Gazette, May 2012
Art article in The Gazette, May 2012
Potomac Almanac
Potomac Almanac, April 2013
Potomac Almanac, April 2013
Washinton Examiner
Washington Examiner, Dec. 2012
The Washington Examiner, December 2012.
Article in Wikipedia.org
Referenced in Wikipedia to Vian Shamounki Borchert's article about Roy Lichtenstein.
Although many sources, such as the Encyclopedia of Art, describe Whaam! and Drowning Girl as Lichtenstein's most famous works, artist Vian Shamounki Borchert believes it is this piece, calling it his Mona Lisa.
Read more at Wikipedia pdf
Modern Luxury Magazine, 2012
Modern Luxury Magazine, 2012
Featured in the October, 2012 issue of "Modern Luxury"
NPR Art Beat, 2012
NPR's Art Beat, March. 2012
NPR’s ‘Art Beat’ With Sean Rameswaram, Mar. 26, 2012
Huffington Post, 2012
Huffington Post, March 2012
The Weekend Guide of the Huffington Post March, 2012.
Washington Post, 2012
Washington Post, 2012
The Washington Post featuring "Andy Warhol" by Vian Borchert.
Washington Post, Summer 2013
Washington Post, Summer 2013
The Washington Post featuring "Holy City" by Vian Borchert.
The Town Courier
The Town Courier, March 2011
Art article in The Town Courier, March 2011
Artists Speak, February 2011
Artists Speak, February 2011
Interview in Artists Speak, February 2011
Gaithersburg Patch, 2011
Gaithersburg Patch, 2011
The Gaithersburg Patch published an interview with Vian in the article Three Local Artists at Kentlands Mansion.
I want to create an intimate, deep and thought-provoking dialogue between the audience and the artwork. In simple words, my artwork has to speak on its own and grab the viewer’s attention in an intellectual way
Gaithersburg Patch, 2010
Gazette Net, 2011
Gaithersburg Patch, 2010
Gaithersburg Patch, Dec. 2010
"Most of her paintings are large in scale, and her mysteriously austere figures and portraits command a certain level of gravitas and inspire inquiry into the human psyche."
Gaithersburg Patch article, December 2010
Gaithersburg Patch, 2010
MC Insignt, Aug. 2007
"...I don't do sketches of how I want the end result to look. I like to surprise myself. I always tell my students that drawing is the basis of any good painting, but I don’t do my drawings in a sketchbook first. I use my brushes to sketch right on the canvas..."
Art article featured in MC Insight Magazine, 2007
Potomac Almanac
Potomac Almanac, January 2005
Potomac Almanac, January 2005