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ROIDX Magazine
International acclaimed artist, Vian Borchert's artwork is on the front and back cover along with an in-depth interview spread in the September 2023 issue of French style magazine "ROIDX" based in Paris, France. Borchert talks about her inspiration, the environment, surroundings and creating art trends & waves within the art world.
I don't follow art trends since I make them. When I paint, I look inward, not outward. For me creating art is all about personal expression rather than following others and trends. I am not interested in others' self-expression - I am interested in my own and what comes out of my own world and imagination and my own creativity. For me that is the primal reason why I am an artist to figure me out, reveal my hidden unknown subconscious which is where the creativity comes from and let that stream onto the canvas through the art process of painting.
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A Video of the Sept 2023 issue spread is available on YouTube.
See the MagCloud preview of the ROIDX, September 2023 issue.
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MOEVIR Magazine
International distinguished artist, Vian Borchert, is featured in the September issue of French fashion and style "MOEVIR" magazine. A number of Borchert's paintings are covered in a milti-page spread starting from page 78 until page 87. Borchert's name is listed on the front cover:
Vian Borchert: Inspiration from the Artist
A Video of the Sept 2023 issue spread is available on YouTube
Read more at MOEVIR Magazine, September 2023
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Borchert was interviewed by LA based magazine, "BOLD JORUNEY Magazine" where she talked about optimism, her art inspirations and work ethics.
My optimism stems from the fact that I am a dreamer. I’ve always been a dreamer ever since I was a young child. I would always dream about beautiful things and imagine things much prettier than they are in real life. I sometimes sit and wonder why I dream that the upcoming events or situations are much better than how they are in actuality. Then, I realize that the hopeless optimist in me seems to take over the whole core of who I am. Being a dreamer and an optimist is much like being a hopeless romantic which I also am. You truly want to believe in romance – you truly want to believe in the good, you truly want to believe that good is awaiting one and will occur.
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Art Review City
"Art Review City" publication's great review by Stephen Gambello of the "Lemon Sky" exhibition at Lichtundfire gallery, NYC. "Art Review City" is an art publication devoted to reviewing the best exhibitions around the world. Here is what the writer wrote about Borchert's "Lemon Sky" series:
The impression of the memory of a chromatic scale arranged as an emotional abstraction is what Vian Borchert’s four paintings “Lemon Zest,” “Limoncello,” “Transcendent,” and “Lemon Sky” convey. We might experience an ongoing biography in quarters, as each painting could represent a decade or so of the artist’s life–as we might see this life in its development, in the compositional shape of colors. The yellow in each picture is strategically placed, indicating the level of awareness and wisdom the artist had at that point in life. The yellow, representing the actual true self’s identity, could indicate the location of that true self within the boundaries of the artist’s perception, as manifested within the boundaries of the painting itself.
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The US luxury based "Muse Daily" platform features Borchert's Times Square - Broadway billboard display, along with an in-depth interview titled "PRESPECTIVE" with noted artist Vian Borchert. Borchert talked about what perspective means in her art and life along covering other deep matters. Muse Daily covers well curated selections from illustrious artists, designers & luminaries.
Our perspective, at least mine changes and shifts with time and growth. The core meaning of my art usually shifts and somewhat changes as I grow. Yet, the essence of my art has always been the same since many years, which is to capture the expression, feel, and atmosphere of a certain setting through an abstracted expressionistic poetic touch. I especially love sunrises and the first crack of light that one sees at dawn. I love full moons as well and how they brighten the night skies.
Read more at MUSE DAILY, June 2023
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In "ShoutOut LA" interviewed Vian borchert about her latest work, her sources of inspiration, her success story and her perseverance. The interview relays Borchert's love for poetry and literature as sources of inspiration.
There is a lot of growth that has occurred within me throughout this success journey and within my life that I do owe to books and dead authors, poets and artists who I don’t know personally. Nevertheless, their work from literary to visual ones had touched my soul and propelled me to persevere and go forth... My favorite poet of all time is Langston Hughes, especially his poem “Mother to Son”. Langston Hughes’s poetry that embodies hope speaks to me like no other. I find poet Mary Oliver’s poem, “Wild Geese,” to be one of my favorite poems and it is very inspiring to me.
Read more at ShoutOut LA, May, 2023
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Canvas Rebel
Noted artist, Vian Borchert, was invited for an interview with "Canvas Rebel Magazine" an LA based publication with Conversations with Entrepreneurs, Artists & Creatives.
I am most proud of the body of work I have created throughout the years and the fact that my art resonates, inspires, enriches, enlightens and even changes people’s lives for the better. I have seen people tell me that my art has moved them so much that they wrote poetry about it. I have seen people gather around my art in exhibitions and engage in deep conversations with strangers about my art. I have seen people completely change their whole life direction after experiencing and being inspired by my path and artistic career. I know I have changed so many lives for the better due to the creative awakening that my art has on people’s lives.
Read the interview at Canvas Rebel, May 2023
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Art Squad Magazine
The LA based "Art Squat Magazine" conducted an interview by Johnny Otto Writer/Director/Producer with artist V. Borchert. "Art Squat Magazine" is dedicated to artists making waves in the artworld from around the globe. The in-depth interview conducted by J. Otto asks the artist numerous questions from her beginnings to her inspiration and future plans.
Putting in the years and creating a huge and strong body of work was the norm to be considered an artist. I was educated under the old school beliefs that "Pain" is essential in creating a "Painting". And, to be honest, this is one of the main reasons why I ended up an artist and I went to art school, to help me navigate my pain into paintings. Art was and still is till today a visual language for me to bring forth what is within me onto the canvas, be it joyful thoughts or melancholic ones. My life's experience is transparent and transmitted onto canvas so to speak, and painting is a vehicle for me for that transportation.
Read the interview at Art Squat Magazine, May 2023
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TPM Interview
Canadian journal 'The Purposeful Mayonnaise' (TPM) featuring an interview with artist Vian Borchert where the artist talks about sources of inspiration and what regenerates her. TPM is a literary and art journal that features creative work of artists and writers internationally.
I don't actively search for inspiration, it simply occurs without effort. I believe this is due to the fact that I was born with a natural gift/talent, and I am a highly creative individual. Thus, inspiration comes to me effortlessly sometimes in the least expected matters. I could be simply driving and I would look up and see a source of light coming through the trees while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, and just that simple light that caught my eye through the branches can evoke one idea leading to another.
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Museum Week Magazine
The Museum Week Magazine based in London (UK) and Naples (Italy) conducted an in-depth interview by journalist Fabio Pariante with artist Vian Borchert. Read the wonderful Interview titled "The Visual and Philosophical Poetics of the Expressionist Artist Vian Borchert". "Museum Week Magazine" is an international media at the crossroads of Culture and innovation covering the best of museums and contemporary artists.
Beyond the woods, I am very much a water person, I love the sea which is an essential source of inspiration throughout my art career. Hence, my love for the big blue is apparent in my work. Variations of the color blue have also made appearances in my abstract work.
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Fine Art Shippers
Fine Art Shippers NYC published a review about Borchert's latest mixed media collage work for the NYC's Lichtundfire gallery "Refracture - Visual Realignment" exhibition.
When looking at the paintings by Vian Borchert, you can see the artist’s distinct style in each piece. Her artwork always carries a deep personal meaning and is connected to the various experiences the artist has had throughout her life. Borchert’s artwork is full of geometrical shapes. It seems as if when entering the abstract space of the artist’s canvas, they go through a filter that not only alters their form but also puts them in a new context. And just like the title of one of the pieces – “Restructured Perspective” – this is where new points of view arise.
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300 Magazine
300 Magazine reviewed Vian Borchert's latest mixed media collage work for NYC's "Refracture - Visual Realignment" exhibit at Lichtundfire galley where the artist is presented.
Vian Borchert’s art reflects how she perceives the world around her. As a highly observant person, she strips phenomena down to their very core and looks past their physical shell. The artist’s stylistic choices are more than fitting for the way Vian Borchert approaches art. Her new artworks combine collage art and painting, manifesting her variegated experiences. The unique composition of the masterfully aligned elements expresses the deep desire to create, reconstruct, and heal.
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Acclaimed artist Borchert's forest and woodsy paintings are featured in "Bracken" a literary magazine based in Seattle that publishes poetry, fiction, and art inspired by the woods and its shadows.
I describe my artwork as a form of visual poetry. In my landscape paintings, my intent is to capture the natural light that occupies the atmosphere and bring it forth within the landscape.
Read more at Bracken, February 2023
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Oxford Public Philosophy
International artist, Vian Borchert's "Lavender Fields Forever" painting is featured in the esteemed "Oxford Public Philosophy Journal" issue Turn # 3. "Oxford Public Philosophy" is a philosophy journal at Oxford University, UK. The journal's launch took place at Oxford University Pembroke College, UK with distinguished speakers critically questioning what philosophy is and how we're doing it. Journal launch co-hosted with Oxford University Philosophy Society.
Lavender Fields Forever, is a painting that embodies the feelings of joy and rejuvenation achieved through the love for nature and its abundant beauty and endless bounty that it bestows upon humanity.
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Up the Staircase
Renowned contemporary artist Vian Borchert has been invited by the literary magazine "Up the Staircase Quarterly" to be the Featured Illustrator for Issue 60 / February where eleven of Borchert's paintings are paired with 11 poems by award winning and recognized poets/writers. "Up the Staircase Quarterly" is a journal of poetry, art, interviews, and reviews.
Each issue of Up the Staircase Quarterly features an Issue Illustrator, an artist whose work was chosen to pair with and complement the poetry of the quarter. Issue #60's artist is Vian Borchert
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Everything With A Twist
The European platform "Everything With A Twist", based in Athens and London, emphasizes with a twist on fine art, fashion, architecture, design, music, and politics, featured artist Vian Borchert in an article titled "ABSTRACT CITYSCAPE PAINTINGS BY VIAN BORCHERT".
Borchert tries to depict the architectural flair within her paintings, and she does it wonderfully. “My artwork reflects my dreams and inspirations. In my abstracted architectural cityscapes, there is an emphasis on tall buildings and looking up."
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The Flux Review Magazine
International acclaimed artist, Vian Borchert is featured in the London based glamour of culture, travel and art magazine, The FLUX Review's Issue 8 on page 53. The magazine is a beautifully printed collectable magazine; uniquely combining art, culture and world exploration. Magazine is available worldwide in retailers such as Barnes & Noble and online.
Read more at Flux Review, Dec. 2022
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Voyage LA Magazine
"Voyage LA" a magazine that highlights the best, invited accomplished artist Vian Borchert for this wonderful interview titled "Rising Stars: Meet Vian Borchert" where Borchert speaks about her art journey, practice and origins along with her love for nature and the ocean.
In a way, I joke and say my early journey is similar to the one of famous writer Franz Kafka where he was an insurance clerk by day while at night, he wrote his “Metamorphosis” novel and masterpiece. Nevertheless, despite the fact that I am a person of multi-talent, I felt that the 9-5 desk job was suffocating to the creative free thinker of a person that I am and to my sense of identity. Eventually, the artistic nature within me took over and I left the finance world to the fine art world.
Read more at Voyage LA, Nov 2022
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Redfin Blog
Artist Vian Borchert is featured in Redfin's blog in an article titled "16 Unique Things to Do in Arlington, VA" where Borchert provides her recommendations of where to go and what to see in Arlington VA.
Read more at Redfin Blog, Dec. 2022
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Art In Embassy
US Department of State's "Art in Embassies" page, features international artist Vian Borchert's video and art about the artist's night landscapes along with reciting a poem written for the night paintings' series. The paintings along with other number of Borchert's signature abstract paintings are in NYC at Lichtundfire gallery in Manhattan.
Read more at Art In Embassies