Aesthetica Magazine
Aesthetica Magazine, June. 2016
Aesthetica Magazine, June 2016 issue.
Miami Art Scene, 2016
Miami Art Scene, 2016
The Miami Art Scene features Bian Borchert in an article titled Thoughtful figure paintings with true expression by international artist Vian Borchert.
Her expressionistic and abstract style illustrates a poetic mood and a thoughtful journey in the world of painting.
Featured in Miami Art Scene, Summer 2016
Aesthetica Magazine
Aesthetica Magazine, Apr. 2016
Aesthetica Magazine, April 2016 issue.
WAAVE+DADA, April 2016
WAAVE+DADA publication lists Vian Borchert in their April 2016 post.
With an Enthralling quality akin to visual poems of love, of hope, and of melancholy - Vian Borchert is an expressionist artist to know.
HERLIFE Magazine
HERLIFE Magazine, Seen And To Be Seen
HERLIFE Magazine featured Vian in their article Seen And To Be Seen in their November 2015 issue.
a masterful fine art installation spotlighting expressionist artist Vian Borchert
Article in The Town Courier
The Town Courier, November 2013
The Town Courier published an article Vian Borchert's Expressionist Art Reveals the World Within in their November 2013 edition.
Lines are gestural and you can feel the artist’s application of paint to the canvas. The figure engages you in a conversation that you can, perhaps, almost hear. What she is talking about and feeling intrigues and breaks through the two-dimensions of canvas.
Art Nerd New York, Nov. 2013
Art Nerd, New York, November 2013
Art Nerd NY Blog featured Vian Borcherts solo exhibit.
Other exhibits we visited included …. solo exhibits at the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton, one featuring Vian Borchert
Art Nerd NY Blog can be found at Art Nerd, New York, November 2013
The Gazette
The Gazette, May 2012
Art article in The Gazette, May 2012
Washinton Examiner
Washington Examiner, Dec. 2012
The Washington Examiner, December 2012.
Article in
Referenced in Wikipedia to Vian Shamounki Borchert's article about Roy Lichtenstein.
Although many sources, such as the Encyclopedia of Art, describe Whaam! and Drowning Girl as Lichtenstein's most famous works, artist Vian Shamounki Borchert believes it is this piece, calling it his Mona Lisa.
Read more at Wikipedia pdf
Modern Luxury Magazine, 2012
Modern Luxury Magazine, 2012
Featured in the October, 2012 issue of "Modern Luxury"
NPR Art Beat, 2012
NPR's Art Beat, March. 2012
NPR’s ‘Art Beat’ With Sean Rameswaram, Mar. 26, 2012
Huffington Post, 2012
Huffington Post, March 2012
The Weekend Guide of the Huffington Post March, 2012.

Washington Post, 2012
Washington Post, 2012
The Washington Post featuring "Andy Warhol" by Vian Borchert.
Washington Post, Summer 2013
Washington Post, Summer 2013
The Washington Post featuring "Holy City" by Vian Borchert.
The Town Courier
The Town Courier, March 2011
Art article in The Town Courier, March 2011
Artists Speak, February 2011
Artists Speak, February 2011
Interview in Artists Speak, February 2011
Gaithersburg Patch, 2011
Gaithersburg Patch, 2011
The Gaithersburg Patch published an interview with Vian in the article Three Local Artists at Kentlands Mansion.
I want to create an intimate, deep and thought-provoking dialogue between the audience and the artwork. In simple words, my artwork has to speak on its own and grab the viewer’s attention in an intellectual way
Gaithersburg Patch, 2010
Gazette Net, 2011
Gaithersburg Patch, 2010
Gaithersburg Patch, Dec. 2010
"Most of her paintings are large in scale, and her mysteriously austere figures and portraits command a certain level of gravitas and inspire inquiry into the human psyche."
Gaithersburg Patch article, December 2010
Gaithersburg Patch, 2010
MC Insignt, Aug. 2007
"...I don't do sketches of how I want the end result to look. I like to surprise myself. I always tell my students that drawing is the basis of any good painting, but I don’t do my drawings in a sketchbook first. I use my brushes to sketch right on the canvas..."
Art article featured in MC Insight Magazine, 2007